Mikhail Anfimau

Mikhail Anfimau

AWS / Azure Cloud Architect & .NET Engineer

Availability: Booked for 2019. Part-time remote projects possible

About Me


Certified Cloud Architect, .NET Developer and DevOps Engineer, Certified Scrum Master, passionate Agile practitioner with over 13 years experience on various roles in Software Engineering Industry.

I specialize in the following areas:

  • AWS Cloud Solutions design for the past 6 years

  • Azure Cloud Solutions design for the past 3 years

  • .NET Web and Server-Side Solutions development for over 10 years

  • Single Page Applications development since the last 6 years

Apart from technical expertise, I share my experience leading, coordinating and coaching multiple remote and distributed cross-functional teams in a Scaled Scrum environment with up to forty engineers across countries, companies and teams.

Both Senior/Lead .NET Engineer or Solutions Architect roles suit me well. On top of that I'm experienced in facilitating Scrum (as Scrum Master and Product Owner) and DevOps practices in a company.

I aim to work on the edge of Technology and Business, delivering not just Software that works, but Software that solves The Problem.

My Offer


Solution Architect (Cloud)

Primary Activities

  • Multi-Cloud Architecture Design (Azure+AWS)
  • Tech Stack Evaluation
  • Coding, QA, Deployment Guidelines
  • DevOps Facilitation, CI/CD pipelines
  • Requirements Evaluation
  • Project Supervision
  • Best Practices Review
  • Team Coaching

Additional Services (free of charge)

  • Key Components Development
  • Solution Bootstrapping
  • PoC Development
  • Scrum Coaching and Facilitation
* Rate per Request

.NET/Full-Stack Software Engineer

Primary Activities

  • ASP.NET MVC (Core/Classic) Web Development
  • SPA (angular 2-6, react) Frontend Development
  • .NET Server-side Solutions Development
  • Coding, QA, Deployment Guidelines
  • DevOps Facilitation, CI/CD pipelines

Additional Services (free of charge)

  • Cloud Architecture Consulting
  • DevOps, CI/CD Consulting
  • Scrum Coaching and Facilitation
* Rate per Request

General Conditions

Contract type
Freelancer/Contractor on a short- to mid-term (3-6 months) basis. Longer/shorter contracts are negotiatable.
DACH Region. Frankfurt am Main preferred.
On-site in direct collaboration with the team. Remote work possible when requested
Weekly Hours
Negotiatable. General availability varies from 35 to 70 hours (during peak periods)
Hourly/daily rate varies per role, project type and responsibilities. Clients from Frankfurt am Main and direct surroundings are generally offered a discount



Software Architecture & Design

Enterprise & B2B integration, Cloud Applications, Micro Services, Web Applications, Distributed Applications, addressing non-functional requirements (scalability, availability, robustness, business continuity), addressing SLA and OLA requirements, RFP participation and development, complex systems design and implementation

Cloud Computing

Applying Cloud Computing concepts (primarily AWS) to business challenges, expenditures optimization, cloud solutions design, on-premises solutions migration, infrastructure orchestration


Applying automation and related process optimization techniques (using TeamCity, Chef, AWS CloudFormation, Docker) to routine development activities

Software Development

Developing and delivering state of the art .NET Web and Server-side solutions. Upgrade, migration and reengineering of legacy solutions. Mature products alignment with most recent technology trends.

Business Analysis

Requirements gathering and development, data flow design, business process and operations design, use cases development

Process Management & Coaching

Agile coaching, technical team coaching, sharing cutting edge practices in IT project management and product development, department-level adoption of Agile practices (Kanban, Scrum, Scaled Scrum)

Reference Letters


Birgit Wilson
Groupe Client Leader, Publicis Communications

Greg Kane
Business Director - PMI Global Digital, Leo Burnett

June 30, 2018

Nikolay Kurayev
CEO, Science Soft Inc.

July 4, 2018

Sam Gooby
Lead Business Analyst, Leo Burnett GmbH

June 11, 2018

Marco Randi
Head of Technology, Leo Burnett GmbH

December 6, 2015

Uladzimir Palkhouski
Technical Solution Architect, Leo Burnett GmbH

August 5, 2015

Maxim Saplin
Microsoft Technologies Department Manager, Science Soft Inc.

September 19, 2014

Maxim Dorofeev
Head of IT Engineering, Kaspersky Lab

November 28, 2012

Technical Skills


Programming Languages

C# (.NET 4.7.1), SQL, T-SQL
Typescript, Javascript, HTML
Python, Ruby

Web Frameworks

.NET Core, ASP.NET Core
ASP.NET WebForms
Angular 2-6, backbone, require.js
react, angularjs, knockout.js

DevOps, CI/CD

AWS CloudFormation, AWS OpsWorks
TeamCity, Chef
Windows Server 2012-2016
Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu)

Databases and storage

MSSQL 2014/2012/2008 R2, AWS RDS
Redis, Elasticsearch, AWS DynamoDB, AWS S3
MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL


EntityFramework, NHibernate
ServiceStack OrmLite, Dapper, LinqToSql
ADO.Net Data Services



Other (Testing, IDEs)

NUnit, MSUnit
NMoq, RhinoMocks
Selenium, Cucumber, SpecFlow
MS Visual Studio 2017/Code

Work Experience


AWS Cloud Architect, Senior Software Engineer (.NET)

Leo Burnett GmbH. Frankfurt am Main, Germany

September 2014 – June 2018


I joined the Company in 2013, first as a freelancer, from Sep 2014 as an employee. Being first a Senior Software Engineer directly responsible for solution implementation. I soon took over and lead several projects as Solution Architect, Tech Lead and Scrum Product Owner.

My work was based on close collaboration with multiple international offshore teams and companies, so that spending up to 4 months per year travelling was part of it.

I successfully applied Scrum Scaling techniques, growing the workforce on my projects to up to 40 engineers in 4 Countries, 3 Companies and 5 Teams.

I represented project portfolio in entire client communications pipeline, collected feedback, pitched for new projects and new client acquisition.


  • Architecture, Technical Design, R&D, PoC, Softare Development

    Contributed to the development of enterprise architecture behind several multi-tenant solutions in the area of B2B and B2C through the adoption of Micro Services, SOA and REST, Message Bus and Enterprise Integration patterns
  • Business Analysis

    Facilitated requirements development in business readable domain specific language, in domain modelling, business and operational workflow modelling
  • RFP, RFQ processing

    Directly involved in pitching and client acquisition. Contributed to RFP processing in the area of B2B IT projects, scopes of work creation
  • Process development and management

    Introduced Distributed Scaled Scrum as a basis process for off-site vendor and supplier collaboration. Lead agile practices adoption both inhouse and in vendor teams
  • Coding, Quality Assurance, Delivery practices. Team Collaboration

    Defined supplier co-operation standards in the area of project execution, coding standards, global architecture governance, cross-team communication, quality assurance process and product acceptance criteria
  • Internal & External trainings

    Introduced a number of software development practices and methodologies: agile practices, XP engineering practices, release management and automation practices. Organized both inhouse and external team trainings

Senior Software Engineer (.NET)

Science Soft Inc. Minsk, Belarus

September 2013-August 2014


I represented the company as Software Engineer on client-side on premises in Frankfurt am Main.


  • Software Development

    Web applications, standalone applications, windows and web services, enterprise applications, distributed systems
  • Project Management

    Client communications, Team management, requirements analysis and development
  • Research

    Effective software development methodologies, projects estimations frameworks and approaches, existing tools and frameworks in software development utilization opportunities and shortcomings

Senior Software Engineer (.NET), Team Leader, Scrum Master

Kaspersky Lab. Moscow, Russia

November 2010 - July 2012


  • Software Development.

    Web applications, standalone applications, windows and web services, enterprise applications, distributed systems.
  • Scrum Master.

    scrum adoption, distributed team guidance.
  • Support Team Leader.

    support process facilitator, operations improvements, applied lean techniques for process improvement and support costs optimization.

Solution Architect, Co-Founder

Thematic Solutions. Minsk, Belarus

April 2009 - October 2010

Co-founder, Solution Architect and developer of an online store. I led the team of 5 freelance developers, designed the solution architecture and worked on implementation on both customer-facing and back-office automation system segments.

Software Engineer (.NET)

SaM Solutions GmbH. Minsk, Belarus

September 2007 - April 2009

As a Software engineer I was responsible for development of a production line automation system for small business based on Lean Manufacturing methodology.

Software Engineer

Minsk City Executive Committee. Minsk, Belarus

September 2005 - April 2007

I developed business solutions in Public Sector in the areas of business registration, assets management, registry office database.



Master of Science

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Molde University College. Molde, Norway

September 2011 - July 2013

I studied industrial logistics in oil and gas field.

After the first year I was awarded a scholarship. During the second year I did my research in Molde, Norway, as a stipendiat.

My primary research topic was offshore platform supplies, where I developed a heuristic routing algorithm and implemented it in C#. The application was adopted for internal use at one of the largest Norwegian oil and gas production companies. My paper is actively used now as a source for further researches.

Master Thesis Grade: A

Bachelor of Science

Computer Science in Economics

Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics. Minsk, Belarus

September 2006 - June 2010

I completed my bachelor’s study first on the evening, and later on remote basis. At the same time I worked full-time as Software Engineer. I was also an assistant lecturer at various labs at the University, primarily in web development field.

Bachelor of Science

Computer Science

Minsk State Higher Radio Technical College. Minsk, Belarus

September 2002 - June 2006

I did my thesis on a Course Timetable scheduling. This work was later adapted to the real life use at the college for classes and learning program planning and timetable creation.


English Advanced
German Advanced
Russian Native speaker
Belarusian Native speaker
Polish Basic
Spanish Basic